Application Procedures
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Application Procedures

Step1. Exhibitor Registration (International Exhibitor)


Please complete the Space Application Form (International Pavilion) and return to the person in charge overseas exhibitors

Confirm the Booth Location & Sign the Contract. Organizer will allocate and distribute the booth to exhibitor based on the size, weight of exhibits,  etc.

Deadline for registration: June 30, 2023.


Step2. Exhibitor shall pay booth deposit


Exhibitor Shall pay 50% deposit or full within 5 working days of the contract date.

Settle Balance Payment. Organizer reserves the right to cancel / change the booth reservation in case the full payment has not been made on or before 10th, May, 2023.


Step3. Exhibitor Services


The exhibitor manual will be issued to exhibitor. Exhibitors can fill in necessary order forms and information online, including online exhibition information, product information, special design booth application, crane & hoisting services, meeting room booking, activities information, advertisement, seminar application and hotel reservation etc.


Step4. Ready to Exhibit


Organizer will send invitations for participants as well as the visitor. Exhibitors can arrange the related booth setup, logistics and invited customers to join the exhibition.


Step5. Onsite Display


Exhibitor shall present at the exhibition according to the exhibition Scheduling Program and comply the relevant rules & regulations .